Saturday, April 19, 2008

8 weeks!

We will be leaving in just 8 weeks. It is so exciting. There is no news really. We are trying to do the things that we need to do to get ready to go. Booking the flights is our current project. We are searching for good prices on tickets with flexible return dates (changeable for a small fee) and hoping we will be able to get a couple more tickets for our kids on the same flight. I thought this would be the easy part, but now I am not convinced. So many options. Which is best?


adoptedthree said...

In my honest opinion DIRECT!

I would pay more to fly direct from Kyiv to the states.

The faster the better!

Christine said...

Krista how exciting! It is finally happening for you! Before you know it, you will be on a plane!

Nataliya said...

I couldn't find reasonable prices for flexible return tickets. All these adoption fares with no change fees were at least 4 times more expensive, so it didn't make any sense to buy them. We bought round-trip Aerosvit tickets for the first trip on I specifically booked non-stop flight from JFK so that it's easier to change the return ticket. The change fee was $150, but it was a hassle to change tickets, so for the second trip I bought one-way ticket for myself to Ukraine, and on the way home I bought 2 one-way tickets for myself and my daughter. It was very convenient! Though I travelled during winter months, so it may be different for you in the summer.

Diana said...

From one who's been there and done that, regardless of the time of year, FLY ONE WAY!!! There's a couple of online sites like and that are good. When you're ready to come home, try flying direct to JFK out of Budapest, Hungary rather than Kiev. It's only a short flight from Kiev, but it was less that 1/3 the price of a direct from Kiev flight. We were in UA last summer during the heart of peak season. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY we would have gotten all of us on the same return flight with pre-booked tickets. I also know many, many, many families who have ended up just throwing away the return leg tickets and having to purchase one-way home anyway because it was still cheaper than the change-fees or they were in UA too long and missed the dates to even be eligable for change fees.

Best of luck to you on your journey. For better or for worse, it is a journet that will forever change your life.